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Weekly Archives

By: Chris Mullen, - 5 February, 2016

Gold gained $4.74 to $1160.44 in London before it dropped down to $1145.24 after the release of this morning’s jobs data, but it then stormed back higher into the close and ended with a gain of 1.55%. Silver surged to as high as $15.043 and ended with a gain of 1.21%. Full Story

By: - 5 February, 2016

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - February 5, 2016 Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, CPA - 5 February, 2016

The gold stocks are ultimately just a leveraged play on gold prices. Since their mining costs are largely fixed when mines are built, the price of gold overwhelmingly determines the profitability of mining it. And stock prices always eventually gravitate towards some reasonable multiple of the earnings of their underlying companies. Since rising gold prices lead to exploding mining profits, gold-mining stocks skyrocket. Full Story

By: Biiwii - 5 February, 2016

Is that strange for a writer who was probably known first and foremost as a ‘gold guy’? Not at all! It’s just that it is not desirable to get bogged down obsessing on a sector in a bear market when there are other fish to fry on the global macro landscape. But the process of finding and confirming a bottom in the gold sector is now front and center as more of the fundamentals that actually matter come into place. To those fundamentals, we need to marry the technicals. Full Story

By: Gary Savage - 5 February, 2016

I’m pretty much convinced gold has begun a new bull market, so it’s time to convert to bull market trading strategies and ignore the analysts still stuck in a bear market mind set. Full Story

By: GoldCore - 5 February, 2016

At the same time, the scale of gold’s gains in a short period of time, could mean a correction and retracement in the short term. Weakness will allow value buyers to accumulate on the dip. Those seeking to allocate funds to precious metals should geometrically cost average into position by front loading their initial allocation. Full Story

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster - 5 February, 2016

At the moment in global financial markets and the media there is a search for certainty. What number of interest rate hikes will there be, etc. The Fed has warned us all that their decisions are ‘data led’. Translated, this means, “they don’t know, they need to see what is going to happen first!” So there can be no certainty. The financial and monetary climates have changed considerably in 2016 already. Even the U.S. recovery appears to be weakening now. Full Story

By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants - 5 February, 2016

There will be massive short covering if gold manages to trade over $1144 after the release of US January nonfarm payrolls. Next week there are no big US economic data releases till Thursday. It will be a technical trade with the direction of the US dollar as the key for all metals and energies. Full Story

By: Chris Mullen, - 4 February, 2016

Gold gained $15.25 to $1157.35 by midafternoon in New York before it edged back lower in the last hour of trade, but it still ended with a gain of 1.19%. Silver rose to as high as $14.90 and ended with a gain of 1.43%. Full Story

By: Rambus - 4 February, 2016

There is a lot of action going on this week in all the different areas of the markets. The PM complex has been rallying, the US dollar tanking today and the stock markets trying to make up their mind which way they want to go in the short term. I have a ton of work to do on the side bar where all the trades are listed so I’m going to show you what I would like to see happen in regards to the HUI, gold and silver. Full Story

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster - 4 February, 2016

We expect to see larger and more negative interest rate levels across the world in 2016, as competitive devaluations increase. This will be destructive to the global monetary system. Full Story

By: Chris Mullen, - 3 February, 2016

Gold fell $5.21 to $1124.39 in Asia, but it then climbed to as high as $1145.44 in afternoon New York trade and ended with a gain of 1.11%. Silver soared to as high as $14.791 and ended with a gain of 2.38%. Full Story

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster - 3 February, 2016

Tuesday saw another large purchase of 4.165 tonnes after Monday’s huge 12.196 tonnes into the SPDR gold ETF and a 0.41 of a tonnes into the Gold Trust. The holdings of the SPDR gold ETF are now at 685.590 tonnes and at 166.86 tonnes in the Gold Trust. The large purchase was responsible for gold’s rise again yesterday and battled resistance at $1,130. The gold price picture remains technically positive. Full Story

By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants - 3 February, 2016

Either gold breaks past $1138 or it will crash to $1102. The pace of rise of gold, despite all the bullish factors has been disappointing. Silver needs to trade over $1417 to prevent another sell off. Momentum for crude oil is bearish. There is apprehension over sustainability of gold demand at current prices. Full Story

By: Chris Mullen, - 2 February, 2016

Gold saw modest losses in Asia and London before it bounced back to $1130.44 by a little before 10AM EST and then dropped to a new session low of $1122.41 in the next couple of hours of trade, but it then rallied back higher into the close and ended with a gain of 0.04%. Silver rose to as high as $14.39 and ended with a loss of 0.28%. Full Story

By: GoldCore - 2 February, 2016

“Precious metals are some of the most traded assets worldwide and they also play an important role for investor as well as comprising an important asset for central banks. Given the increased attention precious metals have received in the literature, the intraday dynamics are of great interest.” Full Story

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster - 2 February, 2016

If the U.S. sees a downturn for at least one quarter the E.U. will fare far worse. The E.U. wants a weaker euro to grasp at other nations exports, but is now unlikely to get it. The real answer lies in going to the consumer and boosting his income, job security and the value of his assets. Until this happens economic prospects in the developed world are unlikely to improve. Full Story

By: Chris Mullen, - 1 February, 2016

Gold chopped higher throughout most of world trade and ended near its late session high of $1129.68 with a gain of 1.07%. Silver rose to as high as $14.414 and ended with a gain of 0.56%. Full Story

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch - 1 February, 2016

The New York gold price closed Friday at $1,117.30 up from $1,114.50 up $2.80. In Asia on Monday, it lifted it to $1,121.35 ahead of London’s opening and then the LBMA set it at $1,122.00 up from $1,112.90 with the dollar index up at 99.40 up from 99.08 Friday. The euro was down at $1.0863 down from $1.0918 against the dollar. The gold price in the euro was set at €1,032.86 up from €1,019.33 a strong surge forward. Ahead of New York’s opening, the gold price was trading at $1,122.00 and in the euro at €1,032.44. Full Story

By: GoldCore - 1 February, 2016

Gold’s best monthly gain in dollar terms in a year, contrasted sharply with the sharp drop in US equities. For the month, the S&P 500 shed 5.1% – the sharpest fall in the S&P 500 index since the Greek debt crisis broke in May 2010. It was the S&Ps worst monthly start to a year since 2009 and other international stock indices had there worst monthly start to the year since 2008. Full Story

By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants - 1 February, 2016

The next seven days are crucial for gold, silver, copper, crude oil and the US dollar. Last week, negative interest rates by the bank of Japan is the result of currency wars. Every nation is banking on currency weakness to spruce growth. Gains in the Japanese yen will prevent a very quick rise for gold, silver and copper. Full Story

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