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By: - 20 September, 2019

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - September 20, 2019.

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By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Research - 20 September, 2019

The bottom line is Fed actions have really impacted this gold bull, and will continue to do so. This isnít from the rate hikes or cuts themselves, which are well-telegraphed and universally expected in advance. Markets move based on changes implied in the outlook for the future rate trajectory. That can spawn big buying and selling in gold futures, leading to large and fast gold-price moves following FOMC decisions.

These rate-outlook shifts usually come in Fed officialsí collective forecasts summarized in the dot plots, but are sometimes seen in the Fed chairmanís press conferences. Gold tends to surge if the Fed looks more dovish than expected, and sell off if it comes across as more hawkish. This is due to the reactions from the gold-price-dominating gold-futures speculators. Their positioning also impacts how they react to the FOMC. Full Story

By: Chris Waltzek Ph.D., GoldSeek Radio - 20 September, 2019

The EU and related economies may be on the cusp of a new Great Recession.

The EU enacted QE operations via 20 billion Euros per month to monetize bad debt and neg. yielding debt.

A stagflationary outcome is inevitable when the true core CPI domestic inflation figure is tabulated.

The coming economic maelstrom could rival the Great Recession, resembling a new Great Depression.

One possible scenario includes galloping stagflation culminating with runaway inflation.

The requisite panacea could trigger an implosion of the global economy in a true deflationary collapse.
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By: Stewart Thomson, Graceland Updates - 20 September, 2019

- What does this mean for gold? Well, the 30basis point cut on excess reserves is bigger than the 25basis point cut on the fed funds rate. That could incentivize banks to loan money to the private sector rather than store it at the Fed.

- Institutional money managers wanted to see a half point cut. That didnít happen but Jay Powell did talk about potentially restarting QE.

- The bottom line is that current Fed action is mildly inflationary and generally supportive for gold. Full Story

By: Ira Epstein - 20 September, 2019

Gold in a correction but on a weekly basis remains in an up-thrust, but I am concerned gold is challenging short-term lows..

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By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 19 September, 2019

The Fedís so-far $128 billion intervention in the repo market slipped off the Wall Street JournalĎs front page by evening, hardly a concern. Donít be surprised if, years from now, the squeeze on short-term borrowers that caused this flurry of excitement is cited as an early warning sign of the banking systemís coming collapse. On Tuesday, there simply werenít enough dollars around to keep short-term loans rolling. This implies that the dollar short-squeeze I first wrote about in Barronís and the San Francisco Examiner more than two decades ago may have begun.
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By: Ira Epstein - 19 September, 2019

Gold forming into a bearish trend, lower highs and lower lows...

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By: Gary Savage - 19 September, 2019

Gold $1,450 / $1,480 as potential downside targets. Gold is just going to take some time to undergo intermediate correction..

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By: Ira Epstein - 18 September, 2019

Gold - which will the market decide to go. For now, I will say the bears have control..

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By: Stefan Gleason, Money Metals Exchange - 18 September, 2019

Mondayís spike in crude oil prices could be a game changer Ė for geopolitics, for the economy, and for investors.

Normally it would be foolhardy to draw big, sweeping conclusions from a single dayís trading activity.

But in this case, itís not just the fact that oil prices surged 13% to over $62/barrel. Or even the fact that more than 5% of the worldís oil producing capacity suddenly got taken offline.
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